100% Genuine Baltic Amber bracelt / anklet. 

Amber works on two levels, firstly amber is a resin, which contains succinic acid, (an active ingredient known for its analgesic effects)the warmth of the skin on the amber encourages the release of this natural analgesic. This helps to calm the child and reduce the symptoms of teething. Secondly Amber is electrostatically charged so assists in removing negative energy from the body.It will not cause any harm to the child, however the bracelet/anklet is made for wearing, not for chewing. The easiest solution is to wear around the ankle and tuck it under their clothing and the bracelet / anklet / necklace will quickly assume body temperature and the child will ignore it. To get the most therapeutic value from the amber, the baby should wear it as much as possible during the day.  Note: NEVER leave the child unsupervised and always remove a necklace at naptime and bedtime. for the maximum benefit place the amber around the ankle and tucked inside socks or baby grow. You should use other teething aids such as chewing rings to meet your baby's chewing needs

Amber Teething Bracelet / Anklet