Cleansing the energy of your home is as important as cleaning your home on a physical level. This set gives you all the tools you need and easy to follow instructions. (can also be used to cleanse the Aura, crystals and objects in your space. Read our sage page for more information.

Included in box set:

1x Ablone shell - The Abalone Shell is a traditional vessel in which Native American herbs and smudges can be burnt. The shell is great for leaning burning sticks in while they are burning and can be then used to help extinguish them afterwards. Also loose herbs or the broken ends of smudge sticks can be placed in the shell for burning,  As these are a natural product, the size and appearance can vary depending on what is avaliable at the time. Size approximately 5inch.

1x Califorian White Sage - Wonderfully scented White Sage is an aged old ritual known as smudging-a ceremony used to clear away negative energies and attract positive ones. White sage is versatile and effective, it’s suitable for almost any smudging ritual—cleansing, healing, protection, meditation, and so on. There is no right or wrong way to smudge, you can make it as simple or spiritual as you like.

1x Palo Santo Stick - Also know as "Holy Wood" Palo Santo is a scared wood that comes from the magical Palo Santo tree , native to the coast of south America. Palo Santo is mostly used for spiritual purification and energy (house) cleansing. It is a wonderful tool to use before and during meditation. One of the most fragrant woods in the world, its aroma is amazing- very fresh with hints of mint and citrus.

1x Smudging Feather - Used to help lift stagnant energy during a smudging ceremony, feathers transform the art of space clearing by guiding the smoke and energy into the wind to be cleansed. In the traditions of indigenous cultures in North America, feathers are considered sacred gifts from the sky, sea and the trees.

1x Selenite Stick -Also referred to as "liquid light" among crystal connoisseurs, selenite is a white crystal known for its powerful healing and energizing properties. 

1x Black Tourmaline Rough piece - known as "the wall" Protects you against electromagnetic pollution and negative energy.

1x Instruction Leaflet - to help you get the best out of your set. 


Cleansing & Protection Set

  • Before you begin smudging : make sure the area you are smudging is well ventilated by opening the windows so that negative energy can escape. Don't use near: Infants, Asthmatics or Pregrant women.             NEVER LEAVE SAGE BURNING UNATTENDED