A perfect kit to introduce yourself to the practice of meditation, whether you are a beginner or a frequent meditator. Meditation is extremely beneficial for our mind, body and soul and bringing these powerful energetic practices of smudging, meditating and crystals together, will take your meditation practice to another level. 

Kit includes:

1x12 Incense sticks- sacred smoke has been used for centuries in meditaion.

1x Califorian White Sage- cleanses your meditation space.

1x Palo Santo Stick "Holy Wood"- bestows blessing and protection. 

1x Incense stick Holder.

1 x Clear Quartz Crystal Tumblestone- Can be programmed with your specific intention for your meditation.

1X Amethyst Crystal Tumblestone- helps you become more intuned with your inner-self.

1X Selenite Crystal Tumblestone- helps clear your mind and relax your body.

1 x Tourmalinated Quartz-powerful healing energy and protection. 

Comes in an Organza bag to keep your meditation tools together.


Meditation Kit