This crystal set is designed to help reduce stress levels. When the unique energy of these crystals resonate with our bodies energy, vibrational healing occurs physically and emotionally.

-Included in this set Is: 

-1x Amethyst-soothes the nerves and alleviates negativty.

-1x Blue Lace Agate- Calming vibrations.

-1x Hematite-The anti-stress stone helps to dissolve the issue.

-1x Rose Quartz-Balances the emotions, self care. 

-1x Smoky Quartz- Provides a protective screen. Helps to keep you grounded and centred. 

Stress Relief Set

  • When you receive your crystal It is important to cleanse it with Tingsha, incense or soapy water. Handle for a while allowing the crystal to pick up your energies. Place in the home, work or carry with you. Handle when needed