Release. Balance. Spirituality. 

One of natures most healing crystal of the heart and mind and is dedicated to balancing the emotional body. A stone of vision. Placed on the third eye it opens it and promotes psychic vision. It is helpful for past-life healing going back to the source of the problem and reframing it. Unakite reaches the root cause of it at what ever level it occurs, bringing it to the surface so that it can be transformed.

Physical Properties: Supports Convalescence. Reproduction. Pregnancy. Weight gain.

NOTE: Sold individually price is for one crystal. Each crystal weighs approx 7-12g. Due to the natural nature of this product size and shape will vary slightly.  


  • When you receive your crystal It is important to cleanse it with Tingsha, incense or soapy water. Handle for a while allowing the crystal to pick up your energies. Place in the home, work or carry with you. Handle when needed